Top 4 are Manic Panic twisted teal right after dyeing and three weeks later then Manic Panic blue haired freak right after and 10 days later.  Bottom 4 are Raw Color twisted teal right after dyeing and a month later then Raw blue black and a month and a half later.

My hair has never ever turned green or purple with Raw so I will recommend it every time.  It looks beautiful all throughout fading for months.  I’ve used Pravana and Special Effects for blue before and they, like Manic Panic, turn purple after about a week.  Disappointingly Raw’s blue black has been discontinued and I’m gonna be upset about it forever. 

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#I'm feeling lousy and talking about hair dye makes me happy ok #raw color #hair dye #manic panic #those bottom 2 are from high school #old as balls
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